Telecast – Belden – New Products: Terrapin – Cobra2DT – TR6442i CommLink

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Telecast – Belden – New Products: Terrapin – Cobra2DT – TR6442i CommLink Terrapin

Terrapin FTR-D6 3Gb/s HD/SDI Video Transceiver and Distribution Amplifier

Terrapin with lexan

Datasheet Manual

The Terrapin FTR-D6 combines the features of a fiber optic digital video transmitter, receiver, and a six-output digital video distribution amplifier, providing unprecedented flexibility for any application where video must be simultaneously transmitted, received and viewed. All BNC outputs are reclocked at standard SDI formats from 19.2Mb/s to 3Gb/s. A single push-buttonmakes it easy to switch between four modes, permitting the Terrapin FTR-D6 to act as:

Terrapin Mode 1

Mode 1 A fiber optic transmitter with six BNC outputs of the digital video signal

Terrapin Mode 2

Mode 2 A fiber optic “Tap & Drop” repeater with six BNC outputs of the received digital video signal well as retrans-mission of the original fiber optic signal to the next location

Terrapin Mode 3

Mode 3 Fiber optic transceiver with six BNC outputs of the received digital video signal

Terrapin Mode 4

Mode 4 Fiber optic repeater and local digital video D.A.

Cobra™ 2 DT

Cobra 2 DT


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The Cobra 2 DT system allows the extension of Sony’s new high-definition digital triax camera chains, such as the HXC-100K and HSC-300K, over durable, lightweight tactical fiber or over an installed fiber optic infrastructure. Cameras can now be separated from their CCUs and be located around a building, across a campus, or even 20 km across town via metropolitan “dark fiber.” All of the signals carried on the camera chain’s triax cable are extended on the fiber without any loss in signal or fidelity.  These signals include:

  • High-Def Digital Video
  • Return video & genlock
  • Audio, intercom & IFB
  • Control data & tally

The lightweight portable Cobra 2 DT units are rugged and robust, designed for the harshest outside broadcast environments. The Cobra 2 DT camera module can power an additional 300 meter run of triax to the camera. Using Telecast’s TelePort™ systems, up to eight digital triax camera chains can be “muxed” over a long distance onto a pair of fibers, all at the lowest pricing Telecast Fiber Systems has ever been able to offer for our patented triax-to-fiber technology.

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CommLink™ TR6442i Fiber Optic Intercom Link

Extends two channels of Partyline or Digital Matrix intercom over a single strand of fiber


Datasheet Manual

Telecast’s CommLink™ is a fiber optic transceiver system that carries two intercom channels seamlessly over a single strand of fiber spanning distances of more than 30 kilometers.

With advanced digital noise elimination circuitry, users won’t know that they aren’t connected by traditional copper wires.

The system works with the industry’s most common two-wire partyline intercom systems, as well as most digital matrix-style four-wire intercom systems.

All functionality of each intercom system is transported over the fiber link, including call signalling, matrix panel alphanumeric data, and remote station controls.

With its advanced auto-nulling hybrid technology, the system acts as a noiseless hybrid between a four-wire matrix system and a two-wire partyline system.

The CommLink unit can be powered from the partyline system, or the CommLink unit can be powered with local 12VDC and acts as a power supply for up to ten intercom belt packs.


  • Remote Outside Broadcasting (sports and entertainment)
  • Electronic News Gathering (E.N.G.)
  • Satellite News Gathering (S.N.G.)
  • Theme Parks and Theatres
  • Corporate Video Production
  • Industrial Testing Environments

Pantent pending.

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