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PXW-Z100 V. 2.00 – Firmware Update

Posted by in 2. INFO-TECH,Sony | February 25, 2014

firmware version 2.00  for PXW-Z100


Audio recordings via internal microphone with R and L channel
HDMI2.0 output compatibility
Additional Video Formats:
 • Video Format Setting: NTSC Area 4096×2160 29.97P
HDMI output signal: 4096×2160 29.97P
• Video Format Setting: PAL Area 4096×2160 25P
HDMI output signal: 4096×2160 25P

Slow Shutter Setting in S&Q Motion mode

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NEX-FS700E S-Log & 4K/2K Firmware Information

Posted by in 2. INFO-TECH,Sony | July 9, 2013

It is true that the 4K will be making the next big wave in this industry.
Then the FS700E can be a 4K/2K camera by installing the new firmware.


AJA Reseller Bulletin: AJA FS2 v2.0 firmware update

Posted by in AJA | January 31, 2013

AJA Reseller Bulletin: AJA FS2 v2.0 firmware update

AJA is pleased to announce the release of v2.0 firmware for the FS2 Frame Synchronizer. The new v2.0 firmware adds significant new functionality as well as improvements to existing features.

DVI Scaler with ROI (Region of Interest):

FS2 version v2.0 software introduces the ability to use non-broadcast video signals as inputs to the FS2 (aka “DVI formats”, “VESA formats”, “Computer Formats” – see Appendix M: “Notes on “DVI” vs. “HDMI” terminology in the main manual). These signals must be connected via the FS2’s HDMI input connector, and must be digital video signals compatible with single-link DVI (maximum pixel clock frequency = 165 MHz).

The new ROI controls provide a convenient way to crop a portion of a video input, and scale it to the raster. With video inputs coming from computer screens and other computer-type devices, this use case is becoming more common. Instead of displaying the entire computer “desktop” (i.e. what the user sees on the computer monitor), a speci!c Region Of Interest can easily be cropped – such as the contents of a single window on the computer screen. This allows the user to define the area within the original input frame, while cropping all of the video outside of the Region Of Interest.

Dolby Framer with additional timing adjustments:

This parameter enables or disables automatic timing correction of the Dolby E signal.

When ON, Dolby E timing is auto-corrected to the minimum delay possible while synchronizing with the video blanking interval. Normal Audio Delay parameters for the corresponding Dolby Framer Input channel pair are disabled. When OFF, no Dolby E timing auto-correction is performed and Normal Audio Delay parameters are enabled.

When set to OFFSET, Dolby E timing is first auto-corrected to a nominal delay while synchronizing with the video blanking interval; then the delay is adjusted by the Offset specified in 9.2 Dolby Framer Offset (Frames) and 9.3 Dolby Framer Offset (Samples). Normal Audio Delay parameters for the corresponding Dolby Framer Input channel pair are disabled.

In ON and OFFSET modes, if 1.0 Audio Input is set to Channel Map or Stereo Map, the 6.x Audio Delay menus for that pair are hidden.


Added 20 additional presets for a total of 40 shared between the two processors.

The updated firmware can be downloaded below.

Find Out More
For complete details and a full list of updates, be sure to read the FS2 v2.0 release notes.

Thank you for your continuing support of AJA products. Please feel free to contact us at any time.

Gemini 4:4:4 New Firmware Release

Posted by in 2. INFO-TECH,Convergent Design | February 13, 2012

Convergent Design announces the release of 1.0.594. We have rigorously tested this firmware and it is released ready for production use.