HD Studio Upgrade

Visuals has recently completed the relocation and upgrade to HD of a large Multimedia Studio.

The original studio has been demolished to make way for an expansion of their offices, and the original studio equipment and cabling was carefully removed by Visuals to be reused in the new location. This task was greatly facilitated by the original concept of “modular de-connection” so the technical cabling system could be easily dissassembled for re-location.

The new HD studio system benefits from several new items added to the original system so the WTO can produce and edit in HD, and also continue to make live contributions in SD, 16:9 or 4:3.

Sony HD BRC-H700 robot cameras, a Broadcast Pix Granite full HD Video mixer, and a Ross NK-MD16 router were amongst some of the new ingredients. Other elements, such as a Mac edit staion with a Matrox MXO2LE-Max interface were fully integrated in the studio system.

With the central SDI router and flexible Granite mixer it’s childs play to reconfigure the studio to work in HD or SD according to their production needs!