The CERN project involved providing a multi-camera solution, to satisfy their internal production needs. This solution needed to include all video equipment, audio, lighting, cyclorama and studio furniture. In cooperation with its various partners, Visuals Switzerland supervised and executed the entire project.



The Newtwek TCXD850HD mixer was chosen as the centre of the sytem, which is able to accept all the studio sources, as well as create virtual studios, all at reasonsable cost. Picture monitoring is possible on just one monitor, by means of its integrated multiviewer option.

The cameras are Panasonic AG-HPX371E, moving and static support provided by a Digidolly and Vinten tripods respectively.

The lighting system is modular and fully configurable thanks to numerous pantographs. These hold the Kinoflo lighting for the studio set and the cyclorama. Neon technology was selected for the project, due to its low power consumption, high homogeneity and low heat producing qualities.

The cyclorama is made entirely from wood, measuring 8 x 8 x 3.8 metres (LXWxH). It was made to measure according to the client’s detailed specification.

The final part of the project was the studio furniture, based on the client’s recommendations, also modular and configurable. The various items are provided with LED lighting and are finished in white, also incorporating Sennheiser microphones.