System Achievments

  • System design on the basis of known needs
  • Engineering: finding the best technical and financial solutions
  • Efficient and high quality advice thanks to wide available knowledge and experience
  • Equipment demonstrations according as necessary
  • Provision of technical proposal, financial offer, basic diagrams and comments.
  • Study and benefit analysis of alternative solutions
  • Order management, delivery times, etc
  • Technical installation. Professional cabling, cable-routing, mechanical, electrical and electronic installation as required
  • Functionality and acceptation tests
  • Technical specification provided: diagrams, operation manuals, etc
  • Operational training as required
  • Quick, high-quality and local after-sales service
  • Possibility of further system modifications and updates to technical specifications as needs develop
  • HDTV specialist

Swiss references

UEFA, Nyon:

Renovation of main auditorium to High Definition (projectors, video mixers, interfaces, HD-SD/SD-HD signal converters. Cabling, schematics and operational training.

La Télé, Lausanne:

First Swiss TV station totally High Definition: Studios in Lausanne and Fribourg, regional sites in Vevey and Yverdon. Provision of nearly all equipment, 20 journalist cameras, 22 editing workstations, 6 studio cameras, entire IT system, (automated broadcasting and semi-automatic live broadcasts, character generators, archives, HD webcasting, centralised hard disk storage, IT network, etc.) Entire system cabling, schematics, operational training, etc. Turnkey system.

Léman Bleu Télévison, Genève:

Migration to digital by changing a large quantity of technical infrastructure, recabling and equipment updates. Points to note: very limited time and financial considerations.

Mediathèque Valais Martigny:

Migration to digital for video and audio system. Centralised hard disk storage, non-linear editing, etc.

Valais parliament:

Live broadcast system for parliamentary sessions (remote-controlled cameras, video mixer, character generator; control software developed by Canal 9).

University of Fribourg: Turnkey video studio system installation: used for journalist training.

Canal 9 Sierre:

Conception, supply, installation and configuration of an IT solution (live broadcasting from 2 studios, centralised digital storage, accessed by 32 journalist editing workstations.

World Trade Organistion, Geneva:

Video/audio studio with remote-controlled cameras; turnkey system.

SRG/SSR Socété Suisse de Radiodiffusion (Swiss National Television), Bern:

High definition real-time subtitling system: HDCAM editor non-compressed 8/10 bits, HDCAM player and other system elements, cabling, installation and launch.

New Morning, Geneva and Paris:

High definition real-time non-linear editing system. Multi-camera editing, colour correction, titling, etc. Turnkey system.

RougeTV, Lausanne:

3 remote-controlled cameras, video mixer, teleprompter, etc, plus cabling, installation and user training.