Snell KudosPro New single, dual and quad channel image processing platform

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Snell conversion quality you would expect – at a price you wouldn’t
As part of Snell’s commitment to redefining the economics of broadcast infrastructure, the KudosPro range represents a step change towards this goal. Never before has broadcast quality conversion been available at such low cost and at such high density.

  • Up to 4 channels of conversion in a single rack unit
  • Up to 2 channels of motion compensated conversion in a single rack unit

We’ve thought about your operational requirements and workflows
Workflow support tools, such as handling of Dolby E, Timecode, Closed Captions and AFD allow KudosPro to slip seamlessly into your operations. Flexibility of internal routing of signals allows further efficiencies, such as simultaneous HD and SD outputs from a single source.

We’ve thought about your budget
With cost per conversion channel as little as 3,230 CHF and the ability to squeeze four channels of conversion into 1RU – there has never been a more cost effective broadcast quality conversion solution. More channels, in less space, for less money.

We’ve thought about your customer and your customers customers
Whatever the format being delivered – whatever the format required – we support it.
KudosPro is a truly universal solution.

  • 1080p, HD and SD
  • SDI, composite and fiber
  • Video and film
  • Embedded, AES and analog audio

We’ve thought about your operators and engineers
An ergonomic and elegant front panel provides uniquely intuitive control over what is, by definition, a complex system. KudosPro can be controlled remotely via web browser and RollCall (IP), SNMP or GPI making it easy to integrate with any control system. New options and upgrades can be applied quickly and easily, in the field, at your convenience.

MC1000 and MC2000 – Motion Compensated Standards Conversion

Affordable, broadcast quality, international program exchange


Superb standards conversion capabilities, enabling program makers and content owners to offer high quality material to world-wide audiences, whilst keeping down project costs.
Available in both single (MC1000) and dual channel (MC2000) versions, offering motion compensated frame rate conversion and motion adaptive up, down and cross conversion.

MC500 – Motion Compensated Standards Conversion

Entry level motion compensated standards converter.

Offers the same superb standards conversion capabilities of the MC1000 and MC2000, but with fewer features, enabling us to keep the price of the MC500 exceptionally low.

LC2000 and LC4000 – Linear Motion Adaptive Standards Conversion

High density conversion supporting a wide range of digital and analog input and output formats, from SD to 3Gbps.
Available in dual channel (LC2000) and quad channel (LC4000) versions, offering linear frame rate conversion and motion adaptive up, down and cross conversion.

SV2000 and SV4000 – Linear Motion Adaptive Format Conversion

Saving production costs by smoothly integrating mixed SD / HD / 3Gbps produced content or incoming feeds, ready for any outgoing transmission standard.
Available in dual channel (SV2000) and quad channel (SV4000), offering motion adaptive up, down and cross conversion.

Integrated 1080p and HD workflow for live programming

Channel A in Spain has made a deal with Channel S in Latin America to supply live HD coverage of live news events. Channel A upgrades production to 1080 50p but needs to maintain an excellent and uncompromised HD source to Channel S.

Using the downconversion capabilities of SV2000, channel A can continue to satisfy their international viewers with guaranteed quality in whatever format they require.

International Favorites

Channel B in USA realizes that it can gain in the Saturday night audience ratings by importing a new show which follows the fortunes of a group of British teenagers, in what has become a cult UK comedy series. The show is sourced in 1080 50i, but Channel B needs 1080 59i. Using the motion compensated frame rate conversion capabilities of MC1000, Channel B provide their Saturday night viewers with their new favorite show without viewers losing out on the quality of the presentation.

Multi-standard content distribution

UK broadcaster C receives HD content from a Canadian affiliate at 720 59p. Broadcaster C needs to supply various HD and SD feeds to clients in the UK at 50Hz. Using the quad channel LC4000, one incoming 59.94Hz feed can be converted to multiple outputs simultaneously, with great space efficiency.

KudosPro Still Mode Application Note
KudosPro Enhancer Application Note

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