SC3:SMALL – A robust run n’ gun rig in a compact package

Posted by in 2. INFO-TECH,Swedish Chameleon | July 17, 2012

This is the rig for those shooting video on the fly and for those who combine hand-held and tripod shots. Weighing in at only 1,2kg (2,65 lbs) the SC3:SMALL has all you need to transform your HDSLR to a lightweight stabilized camcorder. It requires no tools to disassemble and is therefore perfect when travelling. Despite its size it has 3 point stabilization consisting of an adjustable padded shoulder rod, to lean either on your shoulder or keep under your arm, together with two bent and adjustable handles for a customized grip. When using the SC3:SMALL on a tripod the shoulder rod becomes a perfect tripod arm.

The SC3:SMALL includes:

  • our popular belt driven follow focus (SC3:FFOCUS) which allows for play-free focusing without having to let go of the handles.
  • camera twist lock to prevent the camera from rotating around the camera screw.
  • combined tripod plate that makes it easy to set up a tripod shot without making adjustments to handles or follow focus.

The SC3:SMALL is mainly aimed for HDSLRs and we highly recommend using it with an LCD-loupe!

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