NEX-FS700E S-Log & 4K/2K Firmware Information

Posted by in 2. INFO-TECH,Sony | July 9, 2013

It is true that the 4K will be making the next big wave in this industry.
Then the FS700E can be a 4K/2K camera by installing the new firmware.

Furthermore, the new FS700E firmware will offer S-Log for HD production, too !!

The firmware upgrade will cost approx. 620.- CHF for;
·        S-Log Gamma in PictureProfile for AVCHD/HD-SDI/HDMI and RAW
·        709(800%) Gamma in PictureProfile for AVCHD/HD-SDI/HDMI and RAW
·        4K/2K RAW recording on R5
·        120fps 4K RAW “Super Slow-motion” on R5 (up to 4 seconds)
·        240fps 2K RAW “Super Slow-motion” on R5 (Continuous / Unlimited !!)
·        Rec trigger to a compatible external recorder via HD-SDI or HDMI
·        SEL-P18200 power zoom lens compatibility*
*included in the FW Ver.2 which was already released

Please contact our Visuals technical team: [email protected]

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