New deck SONY PMW-1000 – Official announcement – SxS memory deck

Posted by in Sony | February 7, 2013

SONY PMW-1000 – SxS memory deck

1. Affordable and versatile memory-based workflow deck ideal for both in-house and field operations to SxS XDCAM users

  • · Price should be under 10’000 EUR / 12’500 CHF
  • · Half-rack sized for easy integration
  • · Operate on AC, DC or battery power

2. Enables smooth migration from SD to HD to save on investment costs as broadcasters move towards HD operations

  • · Recording and playback formats :

– HD (XAVC, MPEG HD422 and MPEG HD420 50/35/25Mbps)

– SD (MPEG IMX 50/40/30Mbps* and DVCAM 25Mbps) in a variety of frame frequencies. * Playback only

  • · Up-and-down conversion function

3. New codec XAVC support

  • · Supports XAVC Intra HD record/playback from F5 and F55 (providing easy classic Workflow over HD-SDI)
  • · Playback XAVC HD recorded content on professional monitors

4. Easy and fast copy to external USB DEVICE

  • · Connection of external USB HDDs without a PC for the direct copying of clips.
  • · Brings IT feature and cost control for memory backup

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