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Posted by in MovieTech | September 19, 2012

Scooter Dolly

The Scooter Dolly is a quick and easy to setup compact camera dolly for use on narrow-gauge track, much more versatile than conventional slider systems thanks to the easily extensible track length.

The Scooter Dolly can be used wherever a manned dolly system is superfluous.

There are no camera weight limitations for the Scooter Dolly, the whole range of available camera types can be used.

Its exceptional smoothness and quiet operation as well as durability make it a unique product of its kind.


  • The Scooter Dolly System enables sliding camera movements in any length and heigth
  • Rapid levelling – no wooden foundation
  • No bazookas necessary – height will be regulated by tripods
  • Less space required on set

Other advantages

  • Adjustable wheel pressure
  • Special noiseless wheels
  • Integrated brake

Technical data

Dimensions and weight
Weight (only Dolly) 4,7 kg
Size (Dolly) 336 x 302 mm
Gauge (outside) 220 mm
Inch-thread (for Monitor holder etc.)
2 x 1/4″ on the platform
2 x 3/8″ on the platform
2 x 3/8″ per 1x front edge
Item.No. Item
8530-2 Light bazooka clamp ring
2032-1 Bowl insert 100mm
8532-1 Adapter ring 100 mm to 75 mm
2031-3 Bowl insert 150mm
2041-14 Mitchell base plate
8327-0 Bowl adapter 75mm
8328-0 Bowl adapter 100mm
2207-30 Ground plate track connector
2207-50 Euromount adapter/ track connector
2207-20 Groundplate
2207-90 Camera base plate/ Euromount
xxxx Monitor holder set 3/8“ – ¼“ adapter, ball joints
2500-2 Set MasterTrack profile 0,90m
2501-1 Set MasterTrack profile 1,60m
2502-1 Set MasterTrack profile 2,30m
xxx Bag for tracks 0,90m
xxx Bag for tracks 1,60m
xxx Bag for tracks 2,30m
M5622 Protection cap for MasterTrack
Protection cap for track end section MasterTrack
2206-100 Push bar
2207-10 Track and stop
8321-0 Tripod 132X

Item.No. 8530-2 Light bazooka clamp ring

Item.No. 2032-1 Bowl insert 100 mm

Item.No. 2031-3 Bowl insert 150 mm

Item.No. 2041-14 Mitchell Base plate

Item.No. 8327-0 bowl adapter 75 mm

Item.No. 8328-0 Bowl adapter 100 mm

Item.No. 2207-30 Base plate track connector plate

Item.No. 2207-50 Euromount adapter / Track connector plate

Item.No. 2207-20 Ground plate

Item.No. 2207-90 Camera base plate/ Euromount

Item.No. xxxxx Monitor holder set 3/8″-1/4″ adapter, ball joints

Item.No. 2207-10 Track stop

Item.No. M5622 Protection cap (red) for MasterTrack

Item.No. 2594-0/2595-0 Protection cap for track end section MasterTrack

Item.No. 2206-100 Push bar


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