Low Cost Integrated Motorised Screen Lift (IMSL) for 70″ to 82″ Plasma/LCD Displays with Flight Case.

Posted by in 2. INFO-TECH,Fontniche | August 21, 2012

This low cost product was originally an option for our 82″ professional LCD.

Due to demand we are now offering it as a standalone product.

Many companies now have large displays but require a method for transportation and mounting.

The Frontniche IMSL can transport and lift displays up to 145 Kg and rotate 90 degrees for portrait applications.

Many companies have displays in fixed positions limiting the use of the display, with many positions not suitable due to load bearing limits of walls or structure.

The IMSL can therefore free your display to be used for many more application such as exhibitions and meeting rooms.

We have found that our product is 45% lower in cost than the nearest competition product.

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