Increase your IQ – Introducing Passive Fiber Modules from Snell

Posted by in Snell | October 24, 2012
Whether you are operating a mixed connectivity environment, or a fully fiber enabled facility, passive fiber connectivity offers a host of cost, power and reliability benefits.

For example with a passive optical splitter you can enable a single incoming optical fiber to serve multiple devices. A passive optical combiner allows you to efficiently bundle optical signals to use a single outgoing optical fiber. Powered equipment is only needed at the source and receiving ends of the signals.

To enable use of passive optical networks, Snell have introduced a range of unpowered splitters and couplers which support a wide range of fiber communication applications. They’re all designed to complement the existing range of IQ fiber optic modules and function alongside the electrical / fiber converters and CWDM functions available from Snell.

Plus, there’s the new 1U Passive Modular Enclosure (IQH1P) which accepts up to 6 single slot passive modules, that can be mounted in either a front or rear facing direction.

Module / Description Application
IQPFS22/24 Dual/Quad 1 x 2 Fiber Optic Splitter Modules. Optical 1 x 2 splitting, with either two or four channels per module respectively.
IQPFS41-43 Single, Dual and Triple 1 x 4 Fiber Optic Splitter Modules. Optical 1 x 4 splitting, with either one, two or three channels per module respectively.
IQPFC21-23 Single, Dual and Triple 2 x 2 Fiber Optic Coupler Modules. 2 x 2 Optical coupling, with either one, two or three channels per module respectively.
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