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Snell – Raise your IQ!

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Format conversion is a term used to describe processing applied to media content without a change of frame rate.  Upconverting content from SD to HD, downconverting from HD to SD, or cross-conversion between HD standards (e.g. 1080 50i to 720 50p) would all be types of format conversion.  Format conversion also encompasses aspect ratio conversion, which may be part of the up or down conversion, or may be needed independently e.g. to convert an SD 4:3 picture to SD 16:9.What features do I need to consider when choosing a format converter?


Snell KudosPro New single, dual and quad channel image processing platform

Posted by in 2. INFO-TECH,Snell | October 29, 2012

Snell conversion quality you would expect – at a price you wouldn’t
As part of Snell’s commitment to redefining the economics of broadcast infrastructure, the KudosPro range represents a step change towards this goal.  Never before has broadcast quality conversion been available at such low cost and at such high density.


Increase Your IQ with Loudness Monitoring and Control from Snell

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Increase Your IQ with Loudness Monitoring and Control from Snell

With inbuilt loudness measurement and control with IQ Modular from Snell you can rest assured that your HD transmissions contain high quality sound at the correct levels, without the need for additional equipment and expense. But why is this becoming so important, and how much do you know about the loudness standards and what the technical terms mean?


Visit Snell at NAB Booth #N1820

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Discover ICE a flexible, scalable, reliable CiaB solution

  • ICE is designed for the channel, not the box.
  • ICE is the only CiaB that can truly scale from 1-100+ channels with the same user interface.
  • ICE brings broadcast resilience within your IT based workflows.
  • ICE integrates master control and playout functionality in one cool package.

Snell’s channel-in-a-box delivers master control & playout in one cool package

Posted by in 2. INFO-TECH,Snell | February 15, 2012

Broadcast playout is a complex operation so when we designed a channel-in-a-box we focused on what it takes to make a great channel, not on the box.  The result is ICE – designed for real-world broadcast playout environments.

Flexible, scalable, reliable and packed with features.