Amberfin iCR-6103 UQC Server – FILEBASED QC with Baton plugin

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Amberfin iCR-6103 UQC Server – FILEBASED QC with Baton plugin

Introduce new levels of trust and confidence to your media file creation and distribution processes.

The AmberFin iCR-6103 UQC Server enables scaled and enterprise QC environments  and designed to be used in conjunction with the iCR-200 Review Player.

Supported QC Tools

Digimetrics – Aurora Digimetrics Aurora is the QC tool of choice for the modern media organization, offering the most complete codec and container support, the most baseband quality measures, simple template creation and the ability to reduce costs with fast QC test throughput on high volumes of files. Aurora focuses on identifying issues that can be seen and heard…reducing false positive results, and on making those results simple to understand with XML-based reports that can show as much or as little information as you need. The addition of Aurora to AmberFin’s iCR means that users have the potential to create a high quality file-based HD/SD master, provide unique file conversion to multiple formats and implement appropriate levels of automated and manual quality control, all within a single unified software environment. New levels of trust and confidence in the file/media quality are introduced, freeing up staff to focus on other revenue-generating tasks. Snell – Hyperion The Snell IQ module provides an advanced baseband monitoring solution with revolutionary Hyperion content QC capability. Hyperion is designed to continuously and automatically monitor signal content providing verification of whether legal and technical obligations are being met during the iCR ingest process. This provides guidance as to whether the content is within the required parameters to be considered as valid. For video factors such as motion level within the content, the amount of darkness and amount of picture color are monitored. Audio factors reported include Dolby D/E or PCM audio presence, likeness and level information such as silent, quiet, loud and overload. Other ToolsAmberFin sells plugins that allow other 3rd party tools to be plugged into the UQC environment to give unprecedented control over the use of the QC data in your workflows. Currently UQC plugins are available for the following tools:

  • VidChecker from VidCheck
  • MXFixer from Metaglue
  • Cerify from Tektronix
  • Baton from Interra

New plugins are being added all the time. Please contact your local AmberFin dealer for the latest list. More information:Click here!

Please contact our team for more information:

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